At FOOT BODY SOLE we focus on a holistic approach involving a range of health care professionals to provide the best treatment outcomes. Our mission is to provide a complete service in order to get patients back to living a healthy & active lifestyle.


Our focus is on the patients!

Monday              9am-5pm

Tuesday              9am-5pm

Wednesday        9am-5pm

Thursday            9am-5pm

Friday                  9am-5pm

Saturday             9am-1pm

Sunday                BY APPOINTMENT ONLY 

1800 778 316

We offer:

General Podiatry

(eg. Fungal nails, Warts, Corns etc)

-Flat feet, Intoeing in Children

-Diabetic Foot Care

- Custom Orthoses with 3D scanning

- Podspa / Medical Pedicure

- Parrafin Wax Therapy

- Nail Surgery

- Comfortable and Stylish Footwear

- Dry Needling

-Therapeutic Ultrasound for Soft Tissue injuries


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