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How we use electrotherapy to compliment traditional podiatry therapies today

Electrotherapy is the relatively new kid on the block when it comes to Podiatry therapy.

Regular Podiatry management for musculoskeletal pain (muscular and bone, and everything in-between) have included exercise rehabilitation, orthotics, taping and bracing, padding, massage, footwear changes and education. These modalities have been, and remain the vital backbone of Podiatrists' rehabilitation plans.

Electrotherapy has become popular as another option for treatment of acute and chronic pathology, whilst giving the patient more options for therapy to assist with their pain which can be targeted specifically to their region, duration and type of injury.

WHAT IS ELECTROTHERAPY? Electrotherapy is the use of electrical energy as medical treatment.

Electrotherapy is a broad term that encompasses multiple treatment modalities across a variety of healthcare areas from emergency, allied healthcare, rehabilitation and surgical areas, to name a few.

At Foot Body Sole we have different options of electrotherapy modalities which we can use when assisting a client with their pain and rehabilitation needs.

As Podiatrists, we pride ourselves in offering multiple means of rehabilitation and pain management to ensure we can support our clients in the most individualised, efficient and effective way.

We offer Electrotherapy as one part of a comprehensive management plan where we combine regular Podiatry bio-mechanical assessments and therapy as mentioned above, with Electrotherapy where warranted, for more efficient promotion of healing and return to activity.

Electrotherapy options we offer include:

  1. Radial Shockwave therapy

  2. Therapeutic Ultrasound

  3. Low Level/Cold Laser (LLLT)

  4. TENS/Interferential therapy

  5. SWIFT therapy for warts

  6. Theragun / Shockwave V-actor massage

Each electrotherapy modality above is to be used in specific regions and tissues, and at different stages of the healing process.

  • Ultrasound and Laser therapy are safe for most types, durations and regions of pain.

  • We can utilise Shockwave therapy for more chronic- type pain, scar tissue or muscular elongation/therapy.

  • Interferential/TENS is a muscular treatment which can be used for muscular retraining, elongation and pain management.

  • SWIFT therapy utilises heat to elicit the body's reaction to the wart virus for clarity.

  • Muscular electrotherapy can also include Radial Shockwave as well as theragun massage- in addition to hand's on approaches.

Often, some of our Electrotherapy options are utilised alongside others for optimal patient benefit. Like any rehabilitation, healing through Electrotherapy takes time even though it is efficient, and usually multiple sessions are warranted to deliver the most optimal outcome.

Electrotherapy and rehabilitation is very specific and individual, and we assess and treat on a case- by- case basis, which allows for a personalised and streamlined healing process.

At Foot Body Sole, our Podiatry and Chiropractic team can assist with discussions on whether Electrotherapy may be right for you.

At Foot Body Sole we intertwine our bio-mechanical and footwear assessment knowledge with options for electrotherapy if required, and always in conjunction with any exercise rehabilitation or orthotic/shoe intervention. A multifaceted approach is always required for complete resolution of pain, and always considered in our approach.

For more information on each therapy, please contact us at Foot Body Sole (03) 8648 7678 or click the button below to book online.

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