Laser Therapy Treatment

At Foot Body Sole we focus on providing the latest and most effective form of treatments. Laser therapy treatment is one that we offer and is effective for those suffering from muscle, tendon or ligament injuries / pain whether they are chronic or acute.

Laser therapy treatment involves the delivery of specifically tuned and concentrated frequencies of light to stimulate healing. It does not cause damage to the tissues unlike aesthetic and surgical lasers. The laser light is applied directly to the problem areas that need repairing, the tissue then absorbs the light. This produces an affect where the damaged cells will react to the frequencies of red and near infrared light to promote regeneration. In addition, it increases circulation and improves healing rate of the soft tissue making it beneficial for those suffering from:

  • Sport injuries

  • Muscles spasms

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Heel pain 

  • Achilles pain​ and

  • Any other musculoskeletal areas of increased inflammation 


While shockwave laser treatment can be used in various areas of the body; we focus on the feet and lower limbs.

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