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shoulder pain

Do you experience?

  • Pain lifting your arm out to the side

  • Pain with overhead movements

  • Shoulder joint Instability

  • Pain referring down the arms

  • Lack of strength in your arms or hands

  • Poor sleep due to pain

  • Inability to sleep on your side


Common Causes

  • Poor posture

  • Slouching

  • Prolonged sitting

  • Trauma/Injury

  • Muscle tears

  • Overuse usually sport or work related

Why does my shoulder hurt?

Due to the shoulder joints job of performing such dynamic movements it lacks the stability compared to other joints in our bodies such as the elbow or knee. Because of this, it can be more susceptible to damage. It is a complicated structure with many muscles and connective tissue pulling in different directions to create these diverse movements. If one or more of these muscles becomes weak or overly tight it can easily cause an imbalance within the joint and lead to conditions such as but not limited to: shoulder impingement, muscle guarding, muscle tears, inflammation.

How can Chiropractic Care Help?

By correcting posture, we can free up the space in which these tendons move, giving them a chance to settle down and reduce inflammation. Through spinal manipulation and soft tissue work we can then focus on restoring balance to the shoulder girdle. Once pain reduction occurs then we can start rehabilitation of the muscles in order to help avoid reoccurrence.



For stubborn conditions we may utilise Shockwave therapy. It works by producing audio waves which have a mechanical affect on our tissues causing micro trauma. The body responds by restarting the healing process and producing collagen which is delivered to the injured area. Shockwave also works by increasing blood flow to the area speeding up recovery.


Interferential uses an electrical current to assist in the rehabilitation phase by stimulating the targeted muscles, reducing swelling and decreases pain intensity.



Laser therapy uses low levels of laser light applied over the target area to help decrease  inflammation, pain and to assist with wound healing.


Ultrasound works by utilising pulses of sound waves top penetrate the tissues which can reduce inflammation and in turn reduce pain.

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