meet the team


Nina Sventek


Nina graduated from La Trobe University in 2003 and is also the founder of Foot Body Sole.


Nina has worked across both Community health care and the private sector over the last 18 years, and is experienced in treating paediatrics through to the elderly.


Nina has completed extra studies in Mobilisation and Manipulation, Dermatology, Health Coaching, Motivational Interviewing and Flinders University Chronic Illness Coach. She has also completed her Certificate 3 in Fitness.


Nina is experienced in working with clients with chronic illness and has a passion for helping those clients achieve short and long term health goals, in particular Diabetes, neurovascular assessments and education.


Over the years Nina has developed a keen interest in all aspects of podiatry, in particular nail surgery and biomechanics.  Nina uses shockwave therapy, laser therapy, ultrasound therapy and interferential therapy to treat foot pain. 


In her spare time, she enjoys travelling, pilates and spending time with her little girl and family.


Dr Nick Sventek


Nick has completed his Bachelor of Health Science and Bachelor of Applied Science (Chiropractic) at RMIT University.

Prior to becoming a Chiropractor Nick has had 20 years experience as a personal trainer with a keen interest in injury prevention and rehabilitation.

He is passionate about helping patients achieve a better quality of life by assessing and treating biomechanical disorders and structuring a tailored treatment plan to assist in pain reduction and restore function into problem area/s.

Nick’s treatments consist of traditional Chiropractic methods such as, spinal manipulation/mobilisation, and soft tissue therapy. Nick has also completed training in modern modalities such as laser, shockwave and interferential.

In his spare time Nick enjoys travelling, fitness activities, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Nick is excited to join the team at Foot Body Sole and is looking forward to guiding his patients to become the best version of themselves.


Marcus Jones

Marcus completed his Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Podiatric Practice at La Trobe University in 2019. 


Marcus has has been interested in Podiatry from a young age, especially in biomechanics and soft tissue issues and injuries. Marcus enjoys being able to educate and help patients return to exercise and activity without pain.

This interest has grown from competing in both Athletics and Surf Life Saving at a competitive level for many years. 


Marcus has completed placements in hospital and low socioeconomic status community health centres throughout his university study, which has given him a diverse understanding of Podiatric care.


Marcus has completed training in Swift Microwave Therapy, and also takes interest in all forms of nail and skin care, as well as using all available modalities to reduce pain and discomfort in the feet to keep patients active and happy.

In his spare time, Marcus enjoys visiting the beach for a surf, playing basketball with friends, or going on day-trips to Mt Buller to snowboard.


Madi Thompson


Madi completed her Bachelor of Applied Science and Masters of Podiatric Practice at La Trobe University in 2019.


She has a decade of experience in Health and Physical Education, due to her high interest in sports and curiosity into  the way in which the body works. She is qualified in performing shockwave therapy, ultrasound therapy, laser therapy and interferential therapy. 


Madi has completed further study in dry needling and uses this technique to improve muscle function and decrease muscle pain.


She has completed training at the Alfred Hospital and metropolitan community health centres , this with teaching experience in rural NSW has given her the ability to understand the concerns of a diverse range of people.


​Madi has completed training in Swift Microwave Therapy and is particularly interested in biomechanics and nail surgery. Madi’s main passion is treating musculoskeletal injuries, helping patients to recover and return to being active.


In her spare time Madi enjoys playing competitive netball, going for walks along the Yarra, enjoying all the different cuisines Melbourn has to offer and attending live sporting matches.


Melissa Tan


Melissa has been part of the Foot Body Sole family since 2017. She completed her Bachelor of Applied Science and Masters of Podiatric Practice at La Trobe University. 


Melissa loves working in the health industry as her passion is it help those in need. She believes being a podiatrist is a very rewarding profession and loves seeing people get back on their feet. She works hard at providing top quality podiatric services to her patients so they can reach their short and long term goal, including being pain free.

Having done her training at Monash Hospital, St Vincent Hospital, Caulfield Hospital and Caulfield Community Health Centre, Melissa has developed an interest in all aspects of podiatric care in particular nail surgery and providing education and advice. 

Melissa has been trained in dry needling therapy, Swift Microwave Therapy and to operate a wide range of modalities available at the clinic including shockwave, interferential, ultrasound and laser therapy to treat foot pain. 

When Melissa has some downtime, she enjoys soaking up some sun with her dog Biggie and going on hikes. She is aiming to complete grade 8 in classical piano which keeps her busy. Melissa loves to read so she is always keen for new recommendations!


Jessica Norwood


Jess completed her Bachelor of Applied Science and Masters of Podiatric Practice at La Trobe University in 2019.

Jess is passionate about helping people to improve their general health and wellbeing through promotion of foot health.

Jess grew up in Gippsland and has completed training in Box Hill Hospital and various rural community health centres which allows her to understand the foot concerns of a diverse range of people.

Jess has completed training in Swift Microwave Therapy and is particularly interested in biomechanics and nail surgery. Jess' main passion is prevention of diabetes- related foot pathology where she is driven to educate and maintain the foot health of patients with Diabetes. 

In her spare time, Jess loves to catch up with family and friends, take her Golden Retriever for walks and play Piano.


Jeremy Lynn

Jeremy completed his Bachelor of Applied Science and Masters of Podiatric Practice at La Trobe University in 2020.


Jeremy has a keen interest in all things Podiatry, particularly the dermatological and biomechanical aspect of it. Jeremy has always been passionate about helping everyone achieve their health goals and is trained in a variety of services to help deliver the best possible outcome.


With placements completed in Alfred Hospital, Monash Health and Bass Coast Health, diabetic and general foot care has grown into an interest for Jeremy, giving him a better understanding of the different modalities of Podiatric Care.


Jeremy has had previous experience with fitting running shoes in Sandringham, which has given him great knowledge on the benefits of wearing the right pair of shoes. 


Through experience in ski boot fitting in Japan, Jeremy was trained in making custom footbeds needed for such intense activities such as skiing and snowboarding. This allowed for a better understanding of how feet work under different loads.


Jeremy has also completed training for Swift Microwave Therapy, along with shockwave and ultrasound therapy, which has helped him develop a wide range of treatment options for all sorts of foot pain.


In his spare time, Jeremy enjoys playing tennis and footy, being a sports trainer for local footy clubs and going on day trips with family & friends.


Zoe Do

Zoe completed her Bachelor of Applied Science and Masters of Podiatric Practice at La Trobe University in 2020.

Zoe is passionate about treating musculoskeletal injuries and doing nail surgery. She enjoys working with people of all ages to achieve their goals and continue to enjoy an active life. 

Zoe graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Podiatric Practice. She has undertaken further training and completed her Dry Needling course, Paediatric Podiatry Symposium, and Swift Microwave Therapy. 

Zoe has completed her placements at Northern Health Hospital, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Banyule Community Health Centres and Star Health which has provided her with a diverse range of podiatric care. Zoe has developed an interest in all aspects of podiatric care in particular diabetic and general foot care.

Outside of work, Zoe fills in her spare time by cooking, hanging out with friends and walking her puppy Loki whilst enjoying her Mocha. 


Front of service Manager

Deborah is a Mother of 4, with one child being a qualified podiatrist. Deborah has experience in business and finance and provides exceptional customer service.

Deborah has extra training in fitting footwear stocked at the clinic and goes above and beyond to assist all clients and offer appropriate services available at the clinic.


Front of service

Lachlan is in his final year of Podiatry, studying at La Trobe University who began working at Foot Body Sole in 2019. Prior to this, Lachlan completed Biomedicine at the University of New South Wales in 2017. 


Over the past last 6 years Lachlan has had experience in the healthcare industry allowing him to confidently provide caring and considerate advice to those attending the clinic.


Lachlan enjoys playing football, golf, tennis and surfing during the summer time.


Front of service

Natasha is originally from Perth but now calls Melbourne her home. With 15 years of customer service experience, she is very keen and excited to meet you all.


Natasha has had extra training in footwear fitting and can recommend the right shoes for you. She goes above and beyond to help all our clients which includes providing information about services available at the clinic.


Natasha is an avid traveller and has lived overseas and visited more the 40 countries.   


Front of service

Vanessa has 7 years worth of customer service experience and is passionate about ensuring her customers are satisfied and happy. She loves a good chat so feel free to come and say hi. 


Vanessa has had training in footwear fitting and will be able to help you to find the right fit for your feet. 


During her downtime, Vanessa enjoys doing Pilates and working on some crafts. She always has a new craft project on. 


Front of service

Nina has just completed her 2nd year as a podiatry student studying at La Trobe University. She is passionate about being part of the dynamic team at Foot, body, Sole and helping to provide individual care and attention to our clients.  

Nina will undergo extensive training in footwear fitting to help you make the perfect choices in fit and comfort for your feet.


When Nina is not at work she is a keen equestrian athlete who also enjoys all areas of health and fitness.