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Do you have painful bunions? Does it stop you from doing your daily activities?

Keep reading to see how we treat this at Foot Body Sole!

Bunions also known as hallux abducto valgus (HAV) is a progressive deformity of the big

toe joint and can get very painful. More specifically, it's a partial dislocation of the 1st toe joint deviating from its intended position. At Foot Body Sole, we use a range of different electrotherapy modalities, dry needling and more to aid in reducing pain. Some people may not experience any pain and only structural changes however we can still implement prevention strategies to slow the progression.

How are they caused?

Bunions can be hereditary therefore it is likely for you to develop bunions due to the shape and structure of your feet you have inherited. They can be also caused by poorly fitted footwear that are too tight or narrow in the toe box. This compresses and forces the toes in an unnatural position which leads to the formation of bunions.

When visiting a podiatrist, some common objective exam results we see are:

  • Pain on palpation of big toe joint, extensor digitorum longus and underneath the big toe joint at the sesamoid bones

  • Pain in flexion and extension, reduced range of motion of the 1st toe and displacement of the joint

  • Possibly a pes planus foot type (flat feet)

  • Creptius in the joint

How do we treat this conservatively at the clinic without surgery?

  • Demonstrating and teaching you taping techniques to provide support and comfort to the big toe.

  • Using foot mobilisation techniques to improve function and relieve pain by improving the mobility and congruency of the big toe joint.

  • Recommending supportive and comfortable socks such as our OS1st Bunion Relief socks, Double Looped Toe Correctors and Bunion Bracing Sleeves.

  • Myofascial trigger point dry needling to the abductor hallucis to free up the muscle and increase blood flow.

  • Shockwave therapy to the big toe joint and surrounding structures which increases collagen fibre production, eliminates scar tissue in the joint capsule, reduces inflammation and pain as well as increasing range of motion.

  • Laser therapy to decrease inflammation and reduce pain.

  • Interferential therapy for muscle rehabilitation and to activate muscles that might have been stretched or shortened due to joint position change over time.

  • Addressing your footwear. We complete a footwear assessment when you come in for your appointment to ensure that your footwear is appropriate and not contributing to the pain. We want your footwear to support the big toe and arch as well as avoiding any rubbing which can aggravate the bunion.

  • Orthotic devices may be prescribed to distribute the pressure of the bottom of your feet which can improve function or support structures that need correction due to imbalance within the feet.

  • Prescribing strengthening exercises of the lower limb to control foot motion. Stronger feet can help reduce bunion-related pain and its impact on movement.

  • We may send you for clinical imaging if required.

If conservative treatments are not improving your pain or function, you may need to consult a foot surgeon and possibly consider bunion surgery before joint destruction from the condition is noted.

All our treatments are tailored to each individual. We factor in your level of activity or specific sporting requirements as well as what your short term and long term goals are.

If you suffer from bunion pain or require prevention strategies, please don't hesitate to contact our lovely team in Albert Park with any questions you may have.

We look forward to helping you!

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