Cycling orthotics - how to get the most out of your cycle stroke

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Do you cycle? And do you want to get the most out of your bike set up?

If that sounds like you, then cycling orthotics might be of benefit to you!

If you ride a road bike, whether for your long rides on a Sunday morning, or to commute from home to work during the week, then you understand how important your bike set up is. Things like saddle height, frame size, cleat position, do they sound familiar? For years, road cyclists have been adjusting and changing their set up to get the absolute most out of their bike, and the most out of themselves.

This is where cycling orthotics come in.

I already have a good bike set up, why would I need orthotics as well?

Custom cycling orthotics work to address one inherent problem with your feet. Your feet are built to absorb load, that's why we have an arch, and why lots of the muscles and structures in the foot are springy. They are built to absorb load, and then push you forward - when you are walking and running that is.

Put simply, when walking and running, you absorb load through pronation (rolling in), and then release load to push off the ground through supination (rolling out).

When your foot is attached to a pedal, you can't supinate or bend the toes to release load, so you end up losing the power your foot just absorbed!

Ok, and how does an orthotic change that...?

I'm glad you asked! For cycling specific orthotics, we use a stiff, springy carbon fibre, which sits underneath your foot, and limits movement of the joints - also limiting the ability for your foot to lose the energy from your pedal strokes.

Creating a stiff foot with the orthotics means the power gets transitioned straight into the pedal without your foot absorbing some on the way through.

This means we create a stiff lever to push through, resulting in less energy loss, and an overall more efficient stroke and ride.

Does everyone need a cycling orthotic?

It depends. Cycling orthotics are a great way of getting the absolute most out of your ride - we are talking maximum efficiency here.

If you are trying to push yourself to go faster, further and do it all more comfortably, then cycling orthotics will be a useful addition to your cycling set up.

As well as this, if you generally wear a pair of orthotics, suffer from foot or ankle pain, or have injuries like plantar fasciitis, then getting a pair of orthotics for your cycling shoes might be a good idea.

However, if you just like your casual weekend rides with the family and don't have any concerns with your feet, cycling orthotics probably aren't for you.

If you have any questions about cycling orthotics and how they might be of benefit to you and your cycling endeavours, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with Marcus at Albert Park with any questions you may have!

Marcus, one of our resident Podiatrists, is a keen rider and has a special interest in maximising performance in all aspects of sport, especially cycling and running.

We look forward to helping you!

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