Is expensive footwear really better?

A question we get here at Foot Body Sole very frequently: Is expensive footwear really better, and is it worth investing that extra cash on a pair of shoes?

There are many different types of shoes available out there, from a $7 pair of Kmart flats to a $1500 pair of designer stilettos. Here is an example:

In this instance, neither of these shoes are good for your feet at whatever cost they are.

Here at Foot Body Sole, we believe that better shoes don’t necessarily cost more, but understandably, shoes with factors such as higher quality materials will last longer, which will contribute to a higher price point.

We believe that as long as there are several good features within the shoe, and most importantly, that the shoes are comfortable yet stylish enough to give you significant use, that these are the most worth it for you.

Features to look out for:

1. A supportive heel counter

A firm heel counter will hold the ankle and foot in place, prevention horizontal or vertical heel movement.

2. Flexion point

Feet should only flex at the metatarsophalangeal joints (ball of the foot), not at the arch or any other area in the foot.

3. Adjustable and accommodative

Shoes that are made out of natural materials, or soft materials such as mesh or neoprene can be extra accommodative to any bone deformities such as bunion or hammer toes.

Laces or a velcro strap is best to accommodate for different foot types and to lock the foot in place, preventing falls and injuries.

4. Width and length

There should be enough width and at least 1 thumb’s length from the front of the toe box. Don’t forget to measure this whilst standing as the foot’s soft tissue spreads when you put your weight through the foot!

5. Avoid a high heel

A heel of 2.5cm at the most is recommended to prevent ankle instability. If you do have to go for a high heeled shoe, choose a block heel instead of kitten/stiletto heels for more stability.

6. Make sure your shoes are in good condition

Shoes that may have had these features can lose their supportiveness and traction, increasing your risk of falls and injuries due to the increase of stress and force going through the joints.

In conclusion, expensive footwear isn’t necessarily better - but investing in a pair of shoes that have the above features, are long-lasting and comfortable yet something you will get a lot of use out of are important factors to consider.

Here at Foot Body Sole, we have a range of footwear brands including Frankie4 footwear, Propet, Vionic, Revere, Dr Comfort and many more that have the above features, yet won’t break the bank. Our lovely team are all extremely experienced with footwear fitting and we can’t wait to find the perfect fit for you.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1800778316 or pop in 9am to 5pm on weekdays, and 9am to 1pm on weekends.

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