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Keryflex treatments. How can this help my nails?

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Keryflex is a professional nail restoration system which is becoming more and more popular in Podiatry clinics as a good option for those with traumatised nails who wish for a normal appearance.

The Keryflex treatment allows a composite resin nail to be attached to a previous nail post Podiatry care and cleansing. Keryflex nails can be shaped to the individual's desire and can be painted as soon as the treatment has concluded.

Keryflex allows people to have their toe confidence back!

We use Keryflex for cosmetic enhancement of damaged or fungal nails

We enjoy utilising the Keryflex system as it can give confidence back to those embarrassed about their nails.

Keryflex does not treat an underlying condition, however it is a flexible and lightweight in adhering nail which immediately restores the appearance of a normal nail.

We often use Keryflex on people who have had long- term damage to their nails resulting in a misshapen appearance and loss of confidence.

Regular reviews at our clinic allow us to keep the Keryflex nail from growing out from the regular nail, and allow treatment/management of the underlying nail such as clearing, cutting and burring to maintain the health of the nail.


  1. Allows the natural nail to be uninhibited and to grow as normal

  2. Provide a boost to those who have lost confidence in their feet

  3. Looks and feels natural on the nail/toe

  4. Is unaffected by nail- polish remover and can be painted straight away

  5. is non- porous so moisture will not penetrate through the nail to the natural nail underneath

  6. Painless application and removal in the safety of our Podiatry clinic.

At Foot Body Sole, we use an individual Keryflex pack for each person, which means the specific tools, resin and tinctures are clean and safe.

When we will consider not using the Keryflex system:

  1. Individuals with peripheral vascular disease, arterial insufficiency or peripheral neuropathy

  2. Pigmented lesions on or around the nails that require further assessment

  3. In-grown toenails

  4. Pregnancy

  5. Allergic to the ingredients

  6. Currently treating an active fungal or bacterial infection


Comprehensive clearing of the nail and skin occurs first, then an application of a bonding agent is then completed. The resin Keryflex nail is then applied, shaped and finally hardened with a UV light. After the process is completed and the nail is aesthetically pleasing, a sealant is applied over the top and the process is complete!

We ensure that everyone is safe before beginning any treatment at Foot Body Sole.

We will discuss your individual treatment goals and work out a plan that is best for you to feel better about your feet!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact is at Foot Body Sole:

108 Bridport st, Albert Park

(03) 8648 7678

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