Knee pain? Could it be Patellofermoral pain?


Patellofermoral pain is classified as pain around or behind the kneecap (Patella). This is found at the junction between the Patella and the upper leg bone, the Femur. This could be caused by an imbalance in muscles around the joint pulling the knee cap away from its normal movement, which can cause the Patella to “mistrack” in the joint or possibly poor foot biomechanics when performing exercises or even walking.

This pain will come on gradually over a period of time
  • Aching for sharp pain when repeatedly bending the knee such as running, squatting or climbing stairs.

  • Redness or swelling on the front of the knee.

  • Pain in the quadriceps or decrease in size, particularly the inner thigh region.

  • Popping or cracking sounds when returning to standing after a long period of time sitting or climbing stairs.

  • Pain from increasing activity, changing activity or change of surface.

We offer a range of treatment modalities including:
  • Patella taping to offload tender structures in the area.

  • Ultrasound to help reduce the inflammation and increase blood flow in the area.

  • Laser therapy that helps to regenerate cells in the area while also reducing inflammation.

  • Dry Needling to release structures that are tight in the area such as the quadriceps.

  • Orthotics to help offload tissues and improve foot posture.

  • Shockwave therapy to help trigger collagen production and healing of chronic injured tissues.

  • Creating exercise programs to help strengthening quadriceps.

  • Interferential to help rehab the tissue and improve proprioception.

  • Provide footwear advice.

Tips to help you:

- Wear a knee support Fs6 knee support,

-Using Fisiocrem to massage the sore area.

- Taping techniques: such as the diamond technique

- Orthotics to help control the motion of the foot and correct movement in the knee area.

Does this sound like pain you have been experiencing? Contact one of our friendly podiatrists today on 1800 778 316 if you have any questions!

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