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men's foot health - what to be aware of!

What makes Men more likely to have some foot problems?

There are many foot and ankle conditions which affect both men and women, however things such as footwear choices, behavioural traits, and diet, can all make certain individuals more likely to get some problems than others.

In regards to Men's foot health, things such as hygiene, sporting/exercise habits, diet, and even occupation, can make many issues more common.

  • GOUT





It is true that all of these above problems are also seen in women, however social and behavioural norms have resulted in them becoming more common in men.

For example, fungal and bacterial infections, as well as ingrown toenails, have a high prevalence in the manual labour/trade industry. As well as this, plantar fasciitis can also occur commonly in this industry, due to individuals often lifting heavy objects in non-supportive footwear!

The common need for steel capped boots means that workers are wearing shoes which aren't breathable, and can be tight and enclosed around the forefoot.

Secondly, Men, when compared to Women, are often less worried about personal hygiene, and will sometimes even leave a pair of sweaty socks on all day, rather than bringing a spare pair to change into after a workout. This means that sometimes these people are wearing dirty socks, perfect for housing bacteria and fungus, all day!


Although there are many factors which may predispose an individual to having gout attacks more frequently than others, such as family history and age, one of the main factors is diet.

A gout attack is caused when an individual has too much uric acid in their blood, leading to the formation of urate crystals, often around joints, causing inflammation, swelling, and pain!

Uric acid is naturally produced by your body when breaking down purines - which are a substance found in certain foods, such as red meats and alcohol, especially beer!


In general throughout Australia, Men visit health professionals less than Women, so here at Foot Body Sole we do our best to communicate to everyone we can reach that no matter how small or how large the problem is, it is always worth your time getting it checked out.

Fungal and bacterial infections, if left untreated, can spread to other areas of your skin, as well as other members of your household, if not taken care of. Whereas Gout and Ingrown toenails left unmanaged can permanently deform joints or nails, as well as leave you in a great deal of pain!

All of the above listed problems can be easily managed, whether it be by removal of the ingrowing nail, dispensing of an anti-fungal or anti-bacterial cream or spray, or even simply education and discussion about how to prevent said problems.

As well as this, items such as natural fibre socks can allow your feet to breathe to help reduce moisture.

We offer a range of treatment for all sorts of problem, from fungus to fasciitis!
  • Orthotic management

  • Anti-fungal/bacterial topical treatments

  • Wart treatment

  • Shockwave therapy for soft tissue problems

  • Rehabilitation for acute injuries (ankle sprains, muscle strains)

  • Conservative and surgical management for ingrown toenails!

  • AND much more!

Tips to help you:

  • Tea Tree Spray to dry the feet and kill bacteria and fungus

  • Natural Fibre Socks to help keep the feet dry

  • Orthotics to support the feet, and keep the lower limb in good alignment

Does any of this sound like a problem you are experiencing?

Contact one of our friendly podiatrists today on 1800 778 316 if you have any questions!

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