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Natural and Alternative therapies exist with an aim to achieve the healing effects of conventional medical treatments and are used widely in healthcare.

Complementary and Alternative (CAM) therapies have been used for thousands of years and are used as direct or adjunct therapy at Foot Body Sole, and by Podiatrists in general. Podiatrists are often ahead of research for their management options as research often takes 17 years to reach clinical practice (Morris, Wooding, & Grant, 2011).


Natural products such as tea-tree, micro-algae, honey, urea, Apple Cider Vinegar, menthol, alcohol, paraffin and oils have a large function in Podiatry care.

Often, natural products are used instead of medicated products and can be extremely successful in assisting with, and managing a wide variety of foot complaints from skin and nail concerns, to musculoskeletal troubles.

Often, natural remedies are preferred by clinicians and patients as they can be used long- term and safely whilst often reducing concerns with drug interactions. As Podiatrists, we use our natural remedies topically. Often, natural products are the first "go-to" for children, or those who are pregnant or have multiple serious health concerns.

Microalgae and Urea can improve the properties of skin, and assist with hydration where they can be mixed with other natural products such as paraffin, oils, Tea- tree and

menthol to assist with various skin concerns.

Honey is extremely useful for its' antimicrobial properties and thus can be used on cuts, long- term wounds and skin scrapes.

Fungal nails and tinea, at Foot Body Sole we offer more natural remedies than we do medicated options as we have found treatments such as Nail Kalm, Tea Tree spray application and Apple Cider Vinegar soaks to be very effective when applied appropriately.


Massage with natural products such as Fisiocrem alongside cupping is a way that as Podiatrists, we can use Natural and Alternative therapies safely, and provides options for people who have needle phobias or are in a large amount of pain.

Cupping provides a deep- tissue type massage which is thought to increase blood flow and relaxation of tissues, whilst promoting a reduction in pain and inflammation through forming a vacuum over the skin at a sore muscle region.

At Foot Body Sole we offer multiple modalities to treat tight muscles such as Shockwave, Dry Needling, Interferential/TENS, Tool Assisted Massage, stretching, Dry Needling, theragun and cupping. We enjoy being able to offer multiple treatment options through being practiced in many techniques to assist with sore muscles and pain so we can find a treatment which is correct for every patient.

Massage and cupping can be used to assist with many pains in the feet, legs, thighs and hips, alongside our more electrotherapy and Dry Needing options, and this can be effective for Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinopathy, ankle sprains, rehabilitation from fractures, protection of joints with osteoarthritis, relaxation, overuse and return to sport/activity plans.

Research on natural and alternative therapies is always welcomed in Podiatry, as we all become more and more aware of what we are putting into, and on our bodies!

At Foot Body Sole we enjoy natural and locally/Australian Made products where we can and make an effort to reduce waste where possible to be kinder to the environment.

Come in- store or have a look online to see our full range of natural products or ask one of our staff about the best ways to use your product. Often, natural and alternative therapies can be very effective.

Morris, Z. S., Wooding, S., & Grant, J. (2011). The answer is 17 years, what is the question: understanding time lags in translational research. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 104(12), 510–520.

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