pregnancy and how it affects your feet

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

During pregnancy, your entire body is making big changes and this includes your feet!

You might have noticed your pre-pregnancy shoes are too small now. This is due to an increase in foot length, width and volume. Why is this?

It is common to have an increase in body mass in combination with up to 10 times in relaxin hormone level during pregnancy. This can lead to swelling to the lower limbs and a drop in arch height of your feet which is why it is likely you will go up 1/2 -1 size larger when purchasing your next shoe.

FYI: Your foot has not grown, however due to the lowering in arch height, your foot is now more flat thus more spread out.

Having a flat foot or decrease in arch height will change your walking pattern.

Studies have found that during pregnancy, the centre of pressure on the foot shifts more to the back of the foot to compensate for the increase in belly size. This can cause abnormal pressure to various structures of the foot which may result in foot pain including plantar fasciitis.

Tips to keep your feet healthy during pregnancy:

  • Avoid walking around barefoot especially when nursing at home. Your feet actually need some extra support during this time while Relaxin hormone is still affecting your muscle structures.

  • Wear supportive footwear with good arch support. If you are unsure of what to look for, come visit us at Foot Body Sole for a free footwear fitting with our lovely team.

  • Ensure your footwear is the correct size. As mentioned above, you may need to size up 1/2-1 full size. This is totally normal! This will also allow for good circulation to the feet.

  • Elevate your feet and legs on a pillow to decrease swelling.

  • Avoid tight fitting shoes or socks which cuts into your feet or ankles.

  • Massage your feet. You can purchase a spikey ball and use this to roll under the feet for some relief.

  • Keep moving with some light exercise such as walking. This will promote blood circulation to the feet.

  • Visit a podiatrist if you are experiencing foot or leg pain. Wearing orthotics can provide additional arch support and help distribute pressure and weight evenly in the feet. Podiatrists can help with this!

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