Shin Splints

What are shin splints?

Shin splints are inflammation around the muscle, tendon and bone of the shin! Often occurring on the inside of the leg (medial aspect) or the front of the shin.

What are they caused by?

Shin splints are commonly due to overuse however biomechanics and terrain can play a large part in the development. Poor running/training techniques and often flat feet can cause additional load to be placed through the tibia and medial structures of the lower limb. High impact surfaces can also place extra strain on these structures such as concrete and other hard surfaces.

Why should I seek help?

Shin splints can be a painful and debilitating injury and prevent you from doing activities you love! By seeking help and reducing pain, you can continue to live life pain free!

What are some simple ways I can help my shin splints at home?

  • Rest

  • Ice

  • Compress

  • Elevate

  • Stretching

  • Good shoes

Treatment we offer at Foot Body Sole for your shin splints

  • Taping and padding: to offload the painful structures and make sure you feet and lower limb are working as efficiently as possible!

  • Training modification: we can help you restructure your training program if overtraining is occurring and modify your routine to increase your load tolerance.

  • Footwear advice: we will assess your footwear to ensure your feet are supported so they can work as efficiently as possible and keep you comfortable!

  • Orthotics: orthotics can provide extra support and help your feet to work effectively and correct any biomechanical errors.

  • Ultrasound: this will help to promote blood flow around the area and reduce inflammation and pain.

  • Laser therapy: stimulates healing and blood flow to the affected tissues.

  • Dry needling: can target trigger points to loosen muscle tightness, increase blood flow and flush out inflammatory cells.

  • Shockwave therapy: to promote collagen production and healing of the effected structures.

  • Interferential therapy: provide rehabilitation and strengthening to the muscles, promoting neuropathways to improve functionality and proprioception.

Does this sound like pain you have been experiencing?

Contact one of our friendly podiatrists today on 1800 778 316 if you have any questions!

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