Summer foot tips!

In the Summer we tend to change our behaviors when it comes to our feet. We will change the type of shoes which we are wearing and will opt for a sandal or a thong, we might be adventuring out of our normal environment by going camping or visiting the local swimming pool. These changes in the seasons can also bring about some changes in our feet. Keep reading for some tips on how you can help these conditions at home and how a wonderful team of Podiatrists can help you in the clinic!

Cracked heels

In summer we tend to not be wearing enclosed shoes and socks as much or often increasing the amount of time that we are getting amount getting around bare foot This can often cause our heels to dry out and become cracked. This can be due to the lack moisture that our feet are retaining due to be being exposed to the elements for longer periods of time.


  • Use a cream which as an active ingredient of Urea

  • Wear enclosed shoes and socks when possible

What can a Podiatrist do to help?

  • Remove the dry skin

  • Recommended creams that may help with the cracking

  • Give footwear advice

Heel pain

Once again the change in the shoes which we wear can cause problems with our feet in Summer. If you normally wear supportive shoes during the other months of the year and then suddenly start to wear slides, thongs or are barefoot more often, a side effect could be heel pain.


  • Purchase a pair of thongs or slides with arch support.

  • Wear a slide with a slight heel.

  • Wear supportive shoes when possible.

  • Use a ball to help massage your foot.

  • Read our blog on strengthening muscles for wearing thongs.

What can a Podiatrist do to help?

  • Footwear advice

  • Padding

  • Taping

  • Shockwave therapy

  • Therapeutic Ultrasound

  • Dry needling

  • Laser Therapy

Fungal infections

In the summer months we are more likely to be outside sharing surfaces when barefoot. This can lead to fungal skin infections such as Tinea. Majority of fungal nail cases start with a skin fungal infection and then move to the nails.


  • Avoid showing barefoot and gyms, swimming pools and campsites.

  • Clean and sterilise footwear.

  • Use an anti fungal solution to wash bath mats and socks.

How can a Podiatrist help?

  • Recommend creams and sprays to use to treat the infection.

  • Cut and burr nails to remove as much fungus as possible.

  • Monitor the infection and its progression.


In summer our chances of contracting a Wart are increased due to activities such as visiting the local swimming pool or walking around bare feet in common areas.


  • Use over the counter treatments that you can get from the chemist

  • Natural treatments such as Lemon oil, banana and tape.

How can Podiatrist Help?

  • Debriding the wart tissue

  • Swift Microwave treatment

  • Cryotherapy

  • Salicylic Acid

  • Sliver Nitrate

  • Padding and offloading

We hope these tips can help you keep your feet healthy and fresh! If you have any further concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Foot Body Sole on 1800 778 316 or visit us at 82 Bridport St, Albert Park Vic 3206 ! We are here to help.

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