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Summer changes the feet.

With an increase in hot and humid weather, foot care becomes more vital.

In summer, we generally wear more open footwear, our feet go without shoes more, we explore different environments and walk on various terrain.


Summer brings pros and cons for the feet! Keep reading to find out why.


  • Increased airflow to the feet

  • Improved proprioception and strength of smaller foot and toe muscles

  • Sand and water walking for foot and skin health

  • Reduced chances of ingrown nails

  • Increased Vitamin D exposure for bone health


  • Callous build- up

  • Tinea presence in closed- in footwear

  • Blisters

  • Foot trauma opportunities

  • Injuries

  • Sunburn

  • Warts from walking barefoot at swimming pools or communal showers

Often in summer, the feet are exposed to different environments than they would in winter. Due to people being more active generally with improved weather, feet often see different terrain such as the beach, and do more walking generally.


A variety of footwear is both good and bad for the feet. Altered footwear from usual is beneficial in a healthy person in order to build up small muscle strength in the feet and assist with reduction of pressure such as on toes from closed- in shoes. However, for people with injuries, footwear which is open- being generally less supportive- can cause a flare up of musculoskeletal pains such as Planar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinopathy and Metatarsalgia.

Sun Exposure is a benefit and drawback of summer feet, as vitamin exposure is beneficial generally, however sunburn is dangerous for skin health, as well as the increased chance of skin cancer development.


Callous and Blisters are common occurrences in summer. Often the change in footwear fosters changes in the skin which can result in discomfort or pain as the skin adapts to different pressures.

Fungus in the feet is either cleared in summer due to more open footwear, or is exacerbated in closed- in shoes due to a more humid environment.

Finally, injuries are more common in summer as discussed above with generally less supportive shoes, but also there is a higher risk of trauma to the feet with greater summer exploration, due to greater exposure of the feet to the elements.


  1. Change your shoes up. Keep up with your good runners when you are doing long walks, Supportive, closed in shoes enable the feet to function in the most appropriate way, whilst providing sun protection. MAKE SURE your shoes fit correctly or you could develop blisters, callouses or ingrown nails for the feet swell in hotter weather leading to shoes feeling tighter.

  2. Keep up good hygiene. Ensure you clean your feet thoroughly in the shower to reduce fungal growth. You can use Tea Tree Foot Spray to reduce bacteria and fungus. This spray also has alcohol in it so it has a drying effect on the skin. Tea Tree is an easy way to keep the skin healthy. Simply spray on at the beginning of the day, after swimming or after a shower.

  3. Ensure you do not take risks with where you are walking. If you need first aid or have a sudden onset pain, administer first aid, and see your Podiatrist or front line health worker. Often fractures, sprains, stings and abrasions occur in summer. Keep the sunscreen up to your feet- don't forget about them.

  4. When you are in summer footwear, consider sandals or slides with arch support, and make sure they do not get too worn out. Good brands to consider for summer footwear are from Naot, Archies, Birkenstocks, Revere, Scholl, Alfie & Evie, Woden, Frankie4 and Mia Vita (among others). Ensure you rotate your shoes in summer to give your feet a good change, and keep your runners handy!

  5. If you have pain occur in your feet, come and see us at Foot Body Sole and we can assess, treat, refer and educate you on what has happened and why.

At Foot Body Sole we stock a variety of products for all of your summer foot concerns with too many to name. Consider popping in for some footwear advice and fitting, all your foot needs such as skin and nail products and care, foot pain treatment and assessments. Our friendly Footwear Experts and Podiatrists can help you with the best treatment plan to keep you enjoying the nice weather!

Call us on 8648 7678

or some in- store to see our team at 108 Bridport st Albert Park

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