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The Evolution of Foot Body Sole

Foot Body Sole has been a staple of foot health in Albert Park for over half a decade. Upon reaching our November anniversary, we reflect upon who we are, where we have come from and what is yet to come.

Our head Podiatrist and Founder, Nina Sventek has been interviewed for this blog. Keep on reading as she talks us through the changes to our clinic since opening in 2015.

Hi Nina, can you please briefly describe Foot Body Sole?

At Foot Body Sole, we focus on a holistic approach involving a range of health care professionals to provide the best treatment outcomes. Our mission is to provide a complete service in order to get patients back to living a healthy & active lifestyle.

Our focus is on prevention of deterioration, promotion of foot and general health, and comprehensive rehabilitation from pain and injury.

How did the clinic start?

Foot Body Sole is a small, family owned and run business which began in 2015 with just myself as a solo Podiatrist. I was mainly conducting general foot care but always had a passion for Biomechanics and pain management. I chose the Albert Park location because I am a local and I enjoyed the active, community focussed population and the beautiful surroundings.

Has the clinic focus changed?

in 2021 we work together between Podiatry, footwear fitting/support staff and holistic

chiropractic to deliver the optimal outcomes for our patients.

We enjoy treating Muscular and biomechanical pain, looking above the feet and ankles to assess and treat from the hips down. It was always my passion to offer more than skin and nail care.

Additionally, we have a bit emphasis on fitting men and women with comfortable, attractive and safe footwear. I have always had an interest in fashion and wanted to offer better options where people could be fit correctly into shoes.

What is your team like, how is it different from 2015?

In the last 6 years we have grown from a single practitioner Podiatrist to 6 Podiatrists and a full admin and support staff team. Our team goals are to work hard and have fun as a team! We often work together to assist one another through weekly and monthly meetings, discussions and occasionally, hands- on assistance to provide efficient and optimal treatment sessions for our patients. We enjoy treating ourselves when we work hard and we are often having lunch together or meeting on the weekends for team get- togethers.

What services do the Podiatrist team currently offer?

Nail surgery


Children's foot assessments

Taping, padding

General foot care

Orthotic therapy

Wart treatments (including SWIFT therapy)

Shockwave therapy

Musculoskeletal Laser (LLLT)

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Interferential Therapy

Diabetes assessments

Sports Injuries

Ingrown toenails and corns

Dry needling

Callous and cracks

Ballet assessments

Forefoot pain

Tell us about Dr Nick and how Chiropractic and Podiatry work together?

Chiropractic at Foot Body Sole is holistic and individually based, with careful management plans discussed and delivered. Dr Nick takes care with his patients to develop individual treatment plans and occasionally works with Podiatry to offer fully comprehensive, goal- orientated therapy to offer the best outcomes for our patients.

Often, the Pod team will work from the feet up, and Nick will work from the top down.

Our Chiropractor, Dr Nick Sventek has not only worked as a chiropractor, but in the field of Personal Training for years which offers him a unique perspective on the balance between prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

How has COVID-19 changed your work?

Throughout COVID-19 we have been open and managed to see patients who require assistance for pain or potential falls or other health risks associated with the feet such as diabetes.

We have a continual focus on hygiene and safety for all of our staff and clients who attend our clinic.

In our new clinic with restrictions easing, we will be able to re-open our new, expanded footwear retail space to provide better access to quality footwear once more.

We are transitioning into a clinic where we are having to ascertain people's vaccination status as the pandemic continues to thrive in Melbourne to protect our staff and other clients. Our staff have full PPE measures and we are working to a continually evolving Covid safeplan in order to continually care for our community.

Thanks Nina, what is Foot Body Sole in a nutshell?

Over the years, Foot Body Sole has expanded its' services and staff to be able to treat more clients, and with updated treatment modalities and a friendly, experienced team so we always offer the best service delivery whilst enjoying our work. We strive to provide the best experience for every single client we see. That's what keeps us going. :)

Come see us at our new clinic at 108 Bridport street for our new premises, but the same experienced and fun team. PH. 03 8648 7678 E.

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