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The Modern Podiatrists - modern podiatry and technology, we are more than just nail and callus care

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

The modern podiatrist. What does this mean?

When you think of podiatry what do you think....aged care....cutting toenails, removing hard skin, foot fetish, smelly feet and every now then some orthotic dispense....Well you couldn't be further from the truth....well there is some truth to what I did mention, however, there is more to our profession. Let me tell you how exciting our industry really is...and the innovations that have transpired over the years.

Innovations in the podiatry industry

Previously - Routine skin and nail care - Mainly consisted of cutting toenails and removing the hard skin and rub on a simple emollient like sorbolene on the feet and see you in 8-10 weeks time and repeat.

Current - Yes, it is much the same, however, with more fuss. For example, foot care is taking to whole new level with topical emollients being nail oils to replenish the keratin of the nail plate, % dosed urea based foot creams, some with scents like tea tree oil, witch hazel and lemon myrtle, topical anti fungal skin care and topical anti fungal nail care to name a few. Not only do some clinics use them on patients but to continue the foot care we patients can purchase and continue with their foot care at home.

Previously - Orthotics - Wrap the foot up in a mask until it hardens and send to manufacturer to make this big and bulky insole that you can only wear in runners.

Current - These days the patient gets their foot scanned on an iPad then the photo is attached to prescription form that is sent through a computer. Very quick, less messy and efficient. There can be many additions/modifications, variety of thicknesses, low bulk and material of top covers to enhance the effect of the orthotic.

Previously - Musculoskeletal pain -When a person had pain, let's say heel pain for example a podiatrist would take a brief history, complete a range of broad assessments and give advice such as rolling on a frozen bottle of ice through the arch and heel, not go through many exercises, maybe prescribe a orthotic, discuss footwear and use rigid tape and see them for 3-4 weeks let's say....then review

Current - Typically, we go through extensive history, try and link a causative factor to their symptoms and go through a comprehensive management plan with the patient. With musculoskeletal pain there are many modalities at our dispense that can reduce a person's symptoms, address their cause and advice to mitigate against further reoccurrence. We now have access to Laser (High and lower power laser), shockwave, ultrasound, interferential all form part of our treatment for foot pain and musculoskeletal type complaints.

Luckily here at Foot Body Sole we have access to regenerative therapies and if want to find out more about your injury or you have been wanting to seek help, please don't hesitate to contact us at or 8648 7678 or come in store to chat to our friendly staff.

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