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What do tight quads mean for knee pain?

DO your knees ache when you run or exercise? Have you noticed that you feel a bit tight through your quads? Knee pain and tight quads often go hand in hand, so in this post we will talk about how to check if this is you, and what to do to help it!

The Basics - What are your quads, and what do they do?

Your quadriceps are the group of muscles on the front of your thigh, running from your hips to your knee! The group of muscles is made up by four different muscles, so the muscle group is one of the strongest in the body!

The main movement of the Quads is to extend the knee joint - a crucial movement through running when your body prepares for its next step or stride.

All of the muscles in the Quads insert into the Tibial Tuberosity, just below the front of the knee joint.

What happens when they get tight?

When the muscles in your quads are tight, they can pull on the Patellar tendon, through which they attach to the Tibia. This can be especially noticeable when running or exercising, or when putting the Quads through repetitive movement.

This can result in pain, aches, and even make running, walking or squatting more difficult.

If left unchanged, you can even develop chronic injuries such as a Patellar Tendinopathy, which can keep you out of action for an extended duration.

How do I Loosen up my quads?!

Luckily, stretching and loosening the quads is very simple - and there is a range of ways to do it! Below we will show you multiple different ways for you to stretch your quads!

Standing Quad Stretch: The most simple way to stretch your quads, and an easy one to mix into your day! Start with 30 seconds each side, 3-4 times each side!

Kneeling Quad Stretch: This one takes a bit more equipment, and a bit more balance! Make sure you have something to rest your hand on if you need help balancing.

Lying Quad Stretch: Another simple option, and a good option if you are already doing other floor stretches!

Go ahead and try them all! Everyone is different, so one may suit you better than another. Give these a go, and it should help reduce that ache in your knees when you go for a run!

Not making any difference, or your knees are still hurting? It might be time to visit your local Podiatrist or Chiro! Here at Foot Body Sole we offer comprehensive biomechanical assessments aimed at locating the cause of your issue. We have state of the art treatment techniques including the following to treat your pain!

  • Shockwave Therapy

  • Laser Therapy

  • Therapeutic Ultrasound

  • Interferential Therapy

  • Manual Therapy

  • Gait Analysis

  • Custom 3D Orthotic Scanning

  • Dry Needling

  • And more!

Additional Products to Help - Available In Store or Online

  • Foam Rollers to help massage the quads

  • Theraband to assist in stretching

  • Fisiocrem Natural massage blend for a soothing massage!

If you or a friend is in need of assistance with a niggling knee or quad related issue, or any injury, soft tissue, or Podiatry or Chiro related issue, then Foot Body Sole is equipped to start your road to recovery.

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