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What shoes and when!? Your guide to walking with comfort

Have you ever been confused about what shoes you should be wearing and when? Or when it’s more beneficial to ditch your hiking boots and throw on your favorite white sneakers?

In this blog post we are going to break down your favourite activities and what shoes you can wear to stay supported and comfy in your day-to-day life.

Sunday brunch

Planning a brunch date with your family or friends and wanting to look fresh for summer? Summer sandals with hidden support are the go to! Yes, activity levels may be low but the demand for brunch spots is high with our new found iso freedom! The next best coffee shop may be just around the corner but there’s nothing worse than triggering a sore foot in the process.

Our Frankie 4 sandals such as the Ziggy, Madi or Amber can offer you that hidden support without sacrificing your summer look.

Shopping date with the girls

Let’s face it, a shopping date with your besties is nothing short of a small day. High step counts and hard surfaces indicate the need for a shoe designed for support and comfort. Something like a classic white sneaker with rubber soles, laces and plenty of cushioning will ensure you don’t shop until you drop! You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort and we have plenty of shoes in our range to suit the day.

The Laps around The Tan

If you are someone who participates in planned, large walks then a walking runners is for you. The mesh upper will allow your feet to breathe in those sweaty situations and the purpose built support will keep your comfortable and supported when you need it most. Features we suggest looking for in your walking boots include;

- Bending only at the forefoot (your foot only bends at the toes so why should your shoe do otherwise!?)

- Laces to keep your feet secure so they're not shifting and causing blisters

- Firm heel counter to keep your heel in place

As podiatrists, we do love several brands such as ASICS, BROOKS and NEW BALANCE that provide the extra cushioning and support for your feet for those longer walks and pounding the pavement or uneven surfaces.

Hiking Sugarloaf Peak

Rough terrain, unsteady surfaces and long distances indicate hiking shoes. Hiking shoes are designed to sit higher around the ankle to prevent rolls/sprains from uneven surfaces. The sole is designed to be more grippy to assist you climbing over uneven or steep surfaces and prevent falling!

If you have any further concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Foot Body Sole on 1800 778 316 or visit us at 82 Bridport St, Albert Park Vic 3206 !

We are here to help.

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