Why Is It Important to look after your feet?

Why is it you don't think about your feet until something goes wrong?

Feet are like a well oiled- machine when they're working well, but can soon feel as cranky to start as that 1960's Holden that has been left in the weather at the back of your property for the last 20 years.

Feet can be considered as both very basic and very complicated. I like to visualise feet as a series of ropes and pulleys, working in harmony to enable both propulsion and balance from a largely fluid set of solid structures.

Do you forget about your feet until something goes wrong? You are NOT alone.

It is vital to look after your feet throughout life in order to keep them working properly so that when physical circumstances change such as activity, age, pregnancy and health; your feet can adapt.

Often, feet become an afterthought and this is when we see pathologies such as fractures, tendinopathies, fascial tears, neural compression, ingrown toenails, arthritis and capsulitis occur.

Keep reading to discover how we can help YOU to maintain or improve your foot health.

Here at Foot Body Sole we pride ourselves on prevention of pain, and the treatment of pain if this does occur. We specialise in treating skin, musculoskeletal, nail and neural types of pain and have multiple treatment modalities to assist us with tailoring an individualised management plan to suit you.

We offer:

  1. General skin and nail care with sterilised equipment and appropriate PPE

  2. Sharps debridement of hard skin and enucleation of corns

  3. Wart treatment through SWIFT therapy and conventional Cryo and Salicylic Acid therapies.

  4. Ingrown toenail conservative and surgical techniques

  5. Electrotherapy such as Laser, Ultrasound, Shockwave, Interferential modalities for inflammation modulation.

  6. Orthotic therapy to correct any imbalances

  7. Footwear, gait and biomechanical assessments for risk factor identification

  8. Podspa to keep your feet fresh and hydrated

  9. Dry needling for muscle loosening and inflammation modulation

  10. Children's foot assessments- initial 15 minute assessment and advice free!

  11. Telehealth consultations- free initial assessment

If you have Diabetes, it is extremely important to take care of your feet and have regular Podiatry care to ensure foot health is maintained.

If the feet are neglected; increased pain or discomfort will likely result, a longer time period for treatment is usually required, or more in depth therapies (therefore more costly) are indicated to return someone back to full foot health.

Seeking help for foot and lower limb concerns with your Podiatrist is indicated early, and taking care of your feet through basic, at- home general care principles can result in greatly improved foot health.

Follow these simple 3 actions to help look after your feet

1. Ensure your feet are cleansed, dried and moisturised regularly

2. Wear shoes and socks of good quality, which fit well and are not worn out

3. Increase activity slowly as to not overload tissues and cause injury

Here at Foot Body Sole we specialise in going above and beyond for our patients and believe that working together for better foot health fosters the best outcomes for foot, general and mental health.

Don't let foot troubles stop you from doing what you love!

Click below to make an appointment or give us a call on 1800 778 316 for any enquiries you may have.

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