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High load strength training is a evidence based active approach focused on strengthening while placing some load on the plantar fascia tissue and calf muscles. This exercise performed over a three month period or more may help the plantar fascia tolerate the load of day to day activities and improve pain levels in persistent plantar fasciitis.

The Fasciitis Fighter is a product that helps you effectively complete this specific strengthening program.​ It allows you to consistently complete the strengthening exercise without the hassle of having to roll up a towel.


Research has shown


High-load strength training may aid in a quicker reduction in pain and improvements in function in sufferers of plantar fasciitis Rathleff et al 2014

'A simple progressive exercise protocol performed every second day, resulted in superior self reported outcome after 3 months compared with plantar specific stretching ' Rathleff et al 2014.

Fasciitis Fighter

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