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How do they work? Arch Support can reduce over-pronation (rolling in of your foot) and improve alignment of your legs when moving. When running you can put 3 x the stress on your feet and so good support is critical. Poor alignment can cause all sorts of problems including heel pain, knee pain, and lower back pain.


  • Unisex sizing
  • Full Length
  • Great to replace the removable footbed in many shoes.
  • Including a FREE Support Booster add-on to increase the arch profile
  • Suited for all foot types
  • Can help reduce foot pain, knee pain, even back pain!
  • Shock absorption 
  • Great for running and walking and being on your feet all day


Size Guide



US Men: 3.5-5

US Women: 5-6.5


US Men: 5.5-7

US Women: 7-8.5


US Men: 7.5-9

US Women: 9-10.5


US Men: 9.5-11

US Women: 11-12


US Men: 11.5-13

US Women: - 

Vitasole Full Length Everyday Orthotic

    • EVA orthotic with reinforced, hardened plastic (TPU) shell for added motion control and stability.

    • Rear-foot wedge to provide support and control which helps reduce over-pronation.

    • Contoured around the heel and arch areas to achieve complete foot contact.

    • Shock dot in the heel for added shock absorption.

    • Best for fitness or athletic shoes.

    • Can be trimmed in forefoot if necessary.

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