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Nellie Soft Reflective is our classic and sporty sneaker that combines suede and nylon for absolute comfort. The sneaker is completed with reflective design elements, bold colours and fish leather details, making Nellie Soft the perfect sneaker for an urban lifestyle.

All leather is from LWG certified production.

Unique for WODEN sneakers is that we incorporate at least 50% recycled polyester from PET bottles in the material. Soft PU-foam is used for the insole of the sneakers, which is not only lightweight but also shock-absorbing.

In addition to the characteristic WODEN cork sole, Nellie Soft Reflective features a WODEN airflow footbed to ensure breathability and provides an ultra-soft walking experience throughout the day.

• Molded EVA sole
• Recycled nylon
• Reflective details
• LWG certified suede
• Fish leather details
• Cork insole with Airflow system

Woden - Nellie Soft Reflective Algae

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